Regardless of the industry to which clients belong, the design of a structure must meet or exceed their expectations, specifications and desires while adhering to various building and safety codes. At EIKON Consulting Group, we offer innovative architectural design services to people working in various markets. In addition to designing an aesthetically pleasing structure and surrounding site, architectural designers must account for the unseen aspects including functionality, sustainability and efficiency. We have worked alongside countless clients since 1977 and crafted some of the most creative designs with a commitment to hard work, quality and attention to detail.

Our Architectural Design Services Encompass:

  • Pre-design programming where client specifications and goals are effectively documented for efficient communication.
  • Adherence to appropriate design values.
  • Expertise in a wide range of engineering subdisciplines.
  • The modeling and rendering of projects’ design plans.

Comprehensive Architectural Design

Architectural design extends to a vast array of industries—virtually any industry that employs built structures—so it helps to seek an architectural and design firm that has a track record of successful design in a multitude of areas. At EIKON, our team excels at providing innovative services for all facets of design including:

  • Planning
  • Existing facilities reports
  • Safety and security analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Space planning
  • Schematic designs
  • Graphic renderings of designs
  • Structural models
  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Contact EIKON for Your Design Needs

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