A vast array of elements go into building and development projects, but there must be a solid foundation set in place before these elements can be facilitated. This foundation is largely derived from the systematic process of architectural programming. At EIKON Consulting Group, we have far-reaching experience in assisting clients with the formation of successful architectural programs for various industries.

Our Architectural Programming Services Encompass:

  • Clarification of project and design goals.
  • Identification of project constraints and opportunities.
  • A deep understanding of architectural design and construction methods.
  • Formulation of innovative, practical and useful architectural solutions.

What Is Architectural Programming?

Architectural programming is comprised of organizational research and decision making for the purpose of identifying the scope of work to be designed. Having been in the architecture and design industry for decades, EIKON’s professional team is highly astute at helping businesses and organizations formulate successful programs using human, cultural, temporal, environmental, economic, aesthetic, technical and safety values. Our programming process involves:

  • Identifying and researching the project type
  • Establishing project goals and objectives
  • Gathering pertinent information from various sources
  • Identifying potential strategies
  • Verifying quantitative requirements
  • Providing a summary of the program

Depend on EIKON for the Best Architectural Programs

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