Given the fact that this service is essential for the construction process, the team here at EIKON Consulting Group proudly offers construction contract administration and construction observation.

Our Construction Contract Administration Services Help:

  • Support a project’s design intention.
  • Ensure a project’s construction process adheres to documentation.
  • Reduce the risks associated with the project’s construction.
  • Uncover potential construction problems early in the process and provide appropriate solutions.

Construction Contract Administration: Helping Your Project Progress Through Fruition

Construction contract administration refers to a set of specialized services construction administrators and/or owner representatives offer to ensure all facets of the construction process adhere to the designers’ plan as it is laid out in construction documents. The team here at EIKON has profound expertise when it comes to assisting with construction contract admin services and ensuring the construction process goes smoothly. Some of our construction contract administration services include:

  • Being present during construction.
  • Owner representation.
  • Attending meetings to observe the construction progress.
  • Answering questions from contractors and material suppliers and providing appropriate assistance and/or clarification.
  • Reviewing drawings and other construction documents.
  • Reviewing and certifying payment applications.
  • Making clarifications and facilitating necessary changes to construction documents.
  • Assisting advisors with construction admin tasks.
  • Recordkeeping.
  • Project completion responsibilities.

Count on Us for Seamless Construction Contract Administration

If you think your project could benefit from EIKON’s construction contract administration services, contact our professional team today! Give us a call at (940) 458-7503 or contact us here.

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