EIKON designed the new Corinth Public Safety Facility.

EIKON was hired initially to perform a facility needs assessment on an existing, single-story, 32,000 SF facility. After reviewing the final report, the City of Corinth purchased the existing building and selected EIKON to master plan the entire site.

EIKON provided full architectural and engineering design services for the renovation and addition of the existing building that became the Corinth Public Safety Facility. The master planning exercise resulted in a site plan that met all of the City’s requirements. This included parking for employees and the public as well as adequate circulation for all of the fire apparatus to ensure fast response. The design also incorporated security for the police department’s patrol vehicles and tactical equipment.
This Corinth public safety facility houses the Corinth police department and the Lake Cities Fire Department. It includes a large gym, expanded offices and meeting spaces, a holding facility, and rooms dedicated to animal services personnel. The evidence room is also around five times the size of the department’s previous room and incorporates a more efficient refrigeration system.


Corinth Public Safety Facility and Fire House Groundbreaking