EIKON designed the City of Corinth’s new Public Safety Facility and Fire House.

The City of Corinth originally selected EIKON to perform a facility needs assessment on an existing single-story, 33,000 SF facility. The final report contained sufficient information to determine the feasibility of acquiring the proposed building and property.

In 2016 the City purchased the existing building on approximately 6-acres and selected EIKON to master plan the entire site. EIKON also provided full architectural and engineering services for the renovation and addition to the current building as well as the new fire house design. The master planning exercise resulted in a site plan that met all of the City’s requirements. This included parking for employees and the public, adequate circulation for all of the fire apparatus to ensure fast response and still maintain security for the police department’s patrol vehicles and tactical equipment.

Construction on the new 11,500 SF fire house finished on April 10, 2018. This facility will house a full company of firefighters and apparatuses with several spaces including sleeping areas, day room, fitness room, kitchen, and pantries. The building’s placement on the site is strategic to allow for a possible future expansion.

EIKON proposed and then designed several value engineering ideas that helped reduce the construction budget by $200,000. In lieu of using a brick facade, EIKON designed the exterior using an integral color split face concrete masonry unit. To save on energy costs, EIKON’s mechanical engineers designed a VRF HVAC system to precisely regulate the temperature in the fire station and control humidity.

After value engineering, one bay was eliminated but the design can accommodate an additional bay in the future. The training tower serves three functions in the facility. In addition to being a training tower it is also the stairwell to the mezzanine and a hose drying tower.


Corinth Public Safety Facility and Fire House Groundbreaking