EIKON is the prime professional for the demolition and replacement of the City of Denton American Legion Hall Senior Center building.

The American Legion Hall Senior Center serves as a gathering place for adults, age 50 and older, to partake in daily SPAN lunches, fellowship and monthly socials, seminars, and frequent trips. EIKON was engaged to provide prime professional services for the evaluation and replacement of the current facility located at 629 Lake Street in Denton, Texas.

EIKON had previously performed a building and site assessment of the original, 1957 facility. This evaluation included a review of the existing electrical and mechanical systems, structure, and code review to determine what it would take to repair the building and bring it up to code.

Our team presented two options with probable construction costs; one option included the minimum level of renovation needed to bring the building into code compliance and the other option recommended a complete demo-and-replacement scenario. The City of Denton reviewed EIKON’s assessment and decided to go with the second option to completely replace the existing facility.

The new building designed by EIKON will be an estimated 2,675 SF or larger in the same location in the senior center complex. This facility will provide an updated space for Denton’s seniors to continue gathering.

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