EIKON was hired as the prime professional by the County. Our staff provided full engineering design and prime professional services.

This addition to the existing building includes the facility’s new Juvenile Justice Alternative Education program, which utilizes eight new classrooms for the building. The juvenile justice facility includes a state of the art security and technology design by EIKON to serve the needs of the County, staff, and youth. Also, new multi‐purpose rooms were designed for technology uses, art, and life skills training. The facility also includes 32 dormitory‐style living quarters for post‐adjudicated juveniles with 4 post‐adjudicated classrooms. The addition serves for visitation and other administrative functions. As part of the engineering design process, EIKON provided a cut and fill permit application for FEMA, which included a hydrologic study of the existing watershed to justify the fill and provide a mitigation area to compensate for the fill. With the data obtained, EIKON designed a 6’x4’ box culvert to capture off site and onsite drainage with connecting to any existing drainage channel.

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