Denton County hired EIKON to investigate and design a replacement roof for its existing 80,000 square-foot Law Enforcement Center in Denton, TX.

This project had continuous occupancy, requiring a minimal amount of interruption. The existing system has a concrete roof structure with built-up roofing and gravel that has poor drainage and many leaks. The replacement roof specified for Denton County required:

  • Removing the existing gravel; the existing built-up roof had to remain as a temporary waterproofing membrane
  • Installation of new insulation
  • Installation of new, lightweight concrete to improve drainage
  • Two-ply modified bitumen roof

A 3D Lidar scan of the entire roof was performed, which employed cutting-edge technology to provide bidders with unprecedented information from their own desks. This allowed them to zoom in on details, dimension existing features and note items for discussion.

EIKON also evaluated fall-protection safety for security guards and maintenance workers, considering the minimal parapets. EIKON proposed a security route for daily guard inspections defined by a high-density, concrete-elevated roof paver that maintains distance from the perimeter. EIKON researched OSHA regulations, discussed Denton County’s safety plan with staff, and developed an optimal route for operations with the Sheriff’s Office.