Gainesville ISD Facility Assessment
EIKON provided a facility assessment of several campuses to better understand the current state of the building and potential life expectancy in comparison to maintenance costs and replacement costs. The assessment was performed to assist Gainesville ISD in planning for the future and to better understand the costs associated with their current facilities. EIKON prepared an itemized report summarizing our assessments and giving recommendations for improvements and approximate costs. The evaluation was for several buildings including four academic buildings, athletic fields and an administration building. EIKON provided life expectancies based on materials and type of construction and identified potential improvements and renovations with prioritization. EIKON performed an evaluation of building and energy code compliance with recommendations for improvements of each facility.

Administration Building Re-Roof
EIKON recently completed the design of approximately 18,000 square foot re-roof for the Administration Building. The existing roofing system was a built-up system with an expired warranty period. It was determined the amount of repairs to the existing roof would be comparable to a complete re-roof. EIKON developed the construction documents to include rigid insulation and a TPO roofing system that also improved drainage.

Thomas Edison Elementary School Re-Roof and RTU Replacement
The Thomas Edison Elementary re-roof included a nearly 70,000 square foot roof replacement as well as replacing all of the roof top units. After assessing the existing roof and roof top units, EIKON designed a set of construction documents for the replacement of each component. EIKON developed the construction documents including rigid insulation and a TPO roofing system that also improved drainage.

Junior High Campus Master Plan
EIKON provided a Master Plan for a potential replacement of the Gainesville Junior High School Campus on the existing site. EIKON worked closely with the district to obtain programmatic information understand the functional requirements of the project. The information included the needs for the current enrollment and programs in addition to planning for the future growth of the district. Two options were developed for the Master Plan. The first option included salvaging much of the existing facility while performing selective demolition and additions. The design was performed with the ability to place students within the facility with a phased approach to construction. The second option involved construction on the existing site of a new facility. Once the new facility was constructed the existing would be demolished and the athletic fields and support buildings would be constructed. Both designs were completed tying in the community and the neighboring Historic District into the palate.

Robert E Lee Band Hall Master Plan
EIKON prepared a Master Plan for expansion of the existing intermediate School. The music program has grown to the point the existing facility is no longer adequate for the number of students. EIKON prepared a plan together with the district for an approximate 5,000 square foot addition. The addition will include an ensemble area, practice rooms, offices and equipment storage. A new covered walkway will join the building with the existing facility. The site will be improved for bus traffic and vehicular parking.

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