In 2015, EIKON and Gainesville Independent School District (GISD) began working on several projects to renovate and add to the GISD campus. The renovation of and addition to the existing fieldhouse/multipurpose facility was the first of these projects.

The multipurpose facility includes approximately 61,000 square feet of new and renovated space. It also incorporates a large, open and flexible space for indoor sports activities as well as offices, restrooms, support spaces, and storage.

In addition, this project included renovating and connecting the field house building to the multipurpose facility. To maximize the amount of building compared to the available budget, these connected buildings are metal. They have a palate of cost-effective materials on their exterior to complement the other buildings across the GISD campus.

The versatility and functionality of this new multipurpose facility will allow for increased growth in the development of GISD student-athletes along with increased space for a variety of activities serving the student body and community.

Completed in September 2016, the total renovation and addition cost $5,000,000. EIKON provided architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, geotechnical, and landscape design services, as well as construction administration.

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