EIKON is the prime professional for the Plainview Public Schools’ new Early Education Center.

The Plainview Early Education Center will include Pre-K through First Grade, and potentially Second Grade. This new center will be located across the street from the current elementary building.

This project is being developed to accommodate Ardmore’s current and future residential growth. Teaching younger children in this facility will also provide more room in the other school buildings in Ardmore.

This new facility will include 6 Pre-K classrooms, 8 grade-level classrooms, and 2 special education classrooms. There will be a cap of 20 students per classroomroom. The approximately 35,000 SF building will also include office areas, a library and media area, cafeteria, and a dual-purpose gymnasium/storm shelter. There will also be an outdoor playground using bark as a safety surface.

The site started as a blank slate, allowing for ultimate flexibility in planning and layout. EIKON’s master planning of the site took into consideration the current and future program needs. This includes vehicular circulation within the site and traffic impacts around the site.

A key consideration in the design and planning is safety for both pedestrians and vehicles while on campus and public streets. The current elementary school has cars entering and exiting from the same location. This could create unsafe backups on South Plainview Road. The new, 24-acre site will include dedicated and separated one-way entrances and exits. This effort will help reduce congestion during peak use periods.

Having provided the master planning, EIKON is currently designing this facility. We will then assist with the bidding process and selection of the contractor. During construction, the EIKON team will also ensure the building is built per the contract documents.

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