EIKON provided Architectural and Structural design services for the restoration of the existing Historical Presbyterian Church for the City of Sanger. The church was built in 1902 and designated as a historic landmark in 1972.

EIKON provided Architectural visual assessments and Structural observations of the existing church building. Our team also recommended areas of elevations and structure that needed to be refurbished, repaired and replaced.

The design included reconstruction of the roof and steeple, restoration of the exterior siding and trim, and a complete remodel of the approximately 2,200 square-foot interiors. EIKON also provided two Architectural Renderings of the Old Sanger Presbyterian Church; one site plan and one front perspective.

The retrofit added support to the existing roof structure and lifted the beams and trusses to correct the deflection. In addition, unnecessary loads were removed from the existing structure and supported by new framing members. The restoration was completed in September 2016.

When first built, the Sanger Presbyterian Church offered the largest seating capacity of any building in the town. It was therefore used as a school and civic building. The community bought the building when the congregation moved out of it in 1971.

Now newly renovated with funds raised with help from theĀ Sanger Area Historical Society, theĀ building will be used by the City of Sanger as an event center.

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