Zodiac Seats, U.S. hired EIKON as the prime professional for facility additions and renovations at its location in Gainesville, TX. The existing plant is more than 400 thousand square feet and consists of the original building constructed in 1958 and the latest addition from 2003.

The company needed to renovate some areas of the plant and make a small addition to the existing lobby for a new marketing showroom. There were six separate components of the project, which included:

  • Converting an existing 12-thousand-square-foot metal storage facility to a warehouse for bonded equipment and moving a chemical storage area
  • A complete renovation of 12,500 square feet of offices
  • Renovation of the human resources area
  • Converting a nine-thousand-square-foot manufacturing area to an employee cafeteria
  • The addition of new restrooms on an existing mezzanine
  • A 19-thousand-square-foot addition to the existing lobby

The home office gave specific direction to keep the costs as low as possible, which was a challenge due to the complexity of the various phases. The budget was set at $2,200,000, with the competitive bids staying within 5% of the budget.

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