The City of Corinth held the groundbreaking ceremony for a new Corinth Public Safety Facility and Fire House on April 4th.



Once renovated, the existing building of the Corinth Public Safety Facility will be a home for the Corinth Police Department and Lake Cities Fire Administration personnel.

The public safety facility will also include a separate, newly built fire house that will serve the Lake Cities Fire Department.

The 42,000 square foot public safety facility and fire house were designed to better accommodate the police officers and firefighters who serve the area.

Several spaces, including a community meeting room, training room, emergency operations center, fitness centers and more, will allow police officers and firefighters to live, train and work alongside each other.

EIKON - City of Corinth Public Safety Facility Groundbreaking


As the prime professional firm on this project, EIKON Consulting Group is providing architectural, interior design, and engineering throughout the design and renovation process.