We use electricity and electronics on a daily basis, so it’s easy to overlook the fact that there’s a highly specialized system of infrastructure in place enabling our use of electricity.  Electrical engineers are responsible for designing and implementing this electrical infrastructure for a variety of public, commercial and institutional buildings and facilities. This facet of engineering is comprehensive, having many subdisciplines that deal with everything from designing power and communication systems to planning for lightning protection and grounding systems.

Our Electrical Engineering Services Encompass:

  • The design and implementation of numerous electrical systems.
  • Drawing up documents pertaining to electrical drawings, specifications, reports and more.
  • The efficient integration of electrical components alongside other engineering systems.
  • Creating electrical systems with sustainability in mind.

Electrical Engineering for the 21st Century

At EIKON, we provide our clients with assistance for the 21st century by offering electrical engineering services like:

  • Design for interior and exterior lighting systems
  • Electrical service one-line diagrams
  • Photometric analysis
  • Security system infrastructure
  • Short-circuit analysis and overcurrent protection coordination study
  • Retail electrical design
  • Core-and-shell design for buildings
  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • Office and warehouse electrical design
  • Design for industrial processes and infrastructure
  • Design for medical system and equipment infrastructure
  • Generator design and specifications
  • Computer room design and specifications
  • Public address system design
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Count on EIKON for Today’s Electrical Engineering Needs

If you’re interested in our electrical engineering services, contact us here or give us a call at (940) 458-7503.

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