At EIKON Consulting Group, we offer professional mechanical engineering services backed by more than three decades of expertise in the field.

Our Mechanical Engineering Services Encompass:

  • Design and implementation of small- and large-scale mechanical operations.
  • Our working knowledge of thermodynamics, mechanics and materials science.
  • Other facets of engineering including electrical engineering and plumbing engineering.
  • Design for safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Mechanical Engineering for Today’s Challenges

In today’s modern world, we heavily rely on machines to carry out a myriad of tasks and processes. From heating and cooling interior spaces to regulating various systems in both small- and large-scale environments, today’s machines make life as we know it possible. For this reason, today’s mechanical engineers must design and implement systems that integrate with a building or structure’s various components and architectural design.

Mechanical engineering takes into account other facets of engineering to create environments that carry out their processes in a manner that’s effective, economical and sustainable. At EIKON, we have far-reaching experience in mechanical engineering and proudly offer services in:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Central chiller and heating plants
  • Exhaust systems
  • Cogeneration
  • Air filtration systems
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitary systems and drainage
  • Energy management
  • Heat recovery
  • Geothermal systems
  • Existing system renovations and remodels
  • Fire protection and sprinkler systems
  • Backflow prevention
  • Fuel storage and distribution
  • Systems commissioning
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Call on EIKON for Mechanical Engineering Assistance

We’ve helped our clients achieve the proper balance among performance, usability, comfort and sustainability with regard to their projects, and we’d like to help you do the same with yours. If you are interested in our mechanical engineering services, please give us a call at (940) 458-7503, or contact us here.

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