Everyone has heard that “practice makes perfect,” but here at EIKON Consulting Group, we hold tight to the fact that planning makes perfect. This being the case, we offer professional prime services in planning to assist people working in various markets ranging from municipal and industrial to educational and multi-family living.

We Can Provide Assistance with the Following Planning Services:

EIKON-ic Planning Services

  • Master Planning: Master planning, also known as urban design, essentially provides a framework that lays out how a given location is encouraged to develop and takes into account how that location may expand or change in the future.
  • Space Planning: Space planning is an essential component of the interior design process, but it serves as a preliminary means of defining spatial layout. It can help to facilitate the optimal flow of everyday operations, maximize productivity and more.
  • Site Feasibility Studies: Site feasibility studies analyze the current conditions of a site including elements ranging from climate and terrain to vegetation and soil makeup. They will help determine if a proposed project can proceed as planned.
  • Building Evaluations: Building evaluations provide insight into the viability and sustainability of a space. The overarching goals of these evaluations are to assess building performance in relation to its intention and uncover any foreseeable challenges the building may face in the future.
  • Cost Analysis: Cost analysis is a preliminary planning process that breaks down all the expenditures related to a project and provides a way to discover viable options that will best suit a company or organization in terms of labor, materials and costs.

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We take pride in providing planning services that benefit our clients and keep them coming back time and time again for assistance with new projects. If you are interested in any of our professional planning services, please give us a call at (940) 458-7503 or contact us here.

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