Think of your workplace and how it is set up. Does it foster the ideal working environment? Can you communicate and/or collaborate with coworkers efficiently? Is the space planned out in a way that optimizes the flow of daily processes and operations? As you know, the interior setup of a space influences multiple aspects of the day-to-day actions housed within its walls.

Before tackling a comprehensive project in any discipline, it helps to first plan out a course of action. Planning out the interior arrangement of a space is a complex endeavor since its layout influences various elements including work efficiency, flows of communication, productivity and even employees’ moods. In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and productivity are vital, which makes space planning all the more important. This being the case, the team here at EIKON Consulting Group proudly offers space planning services to suit the needs and specifications of people working in a variety of industries.

Space Planning Can:

  • Help facilitate the optimal flow of everyday operations.
  • Make room for special processes and workflow.
  • Create the appropriate atmosphere and ambiance.
  • Help maximize productivity.

What Is Space Planning?

An empty interior space is like a blank canvas; the possibilities for furnishing it are virtually endless. However, there is a sweet spot that will provide the proper balance among space, utility and aesthetics. The most efficient way to uncover this sweet spot is through the process of space planning.

Today, space plans are developed for interiors in just about every industry ranging from municipal and industrial to medical and multi-family living.  Space planning accounts for multiple aspects of a space, but its main goals include:

  • Defining the purpose(s) for interior spaces.
  • Delineating everyday circulation or traffic patterns.
  • Formulating cohesive plans and planning out optimal arrangements for furniture and equipment.

Contact EIKON for Professional Space Planning

At EIKON, we work alongside our clients to enable them to achieve the optimal setup of their spaces. Our professional team has decades of experience with space planning and would love to assist you with your project. If you are interested in teaming up with EIKON for planning the interior space of your project, give us a call at (940) 458-7503 or contact us here.