Strategic Hire: James Beers



EIKON Consulting Group is proud to announce that James Beers, NCARB, RA, AIA, has joined the firm as Director of Architecture.

EIKON’s full-service approach and sustained growth drew James from Chicago. He has found EIKON’s culture to be a perfect fit for his work style and approach to Architecture.

James brings a wealth of knowledge to EIKON’s team. He has over 25 years of experience as a collaborative executive leader within the fields of Architecture, Master Planning, Construction and Development. James also has a detailed background in high-level and multi-disciplined project management for a broad range of multi-million dollar projects.

James’ all-hands-on-deck and unified approach to solutions, along with a focus on quality and service, has had an immediate impact on EIKON’s Architecture team and their deliverables. Additionally, James’ passion for team building will unify EIKON across all disciplines.

“EIKON is excited about the possibilities of growth with James on our team,” said Brad Isbell, President of EIKON Consulting Group. “We look forward to continued success with his leadership.”

James will enhance and improve EIKON’s full-service approach by implementing his proven Architectural process with improved efficiency and quality. He intends to lead the Architectural group through mentoring, professional development, and training to empower them to grow while developing leaders for the future.

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