Architectural Programming

Architectural programming is comprised of organizational research and decision making for the purpose of identifying the scope of work to be designed. Having been in the architecture and design industry for decades, EIKON’s professional team is highly astute at helping businesses and organizations formulate successful programs using human, cultural, temporal, environmental, economic, aesthetic, technical and safety values. Our programming process involves:
  • Identifying and researching the project type
  • Establishing project goals and objectives
  • Gathering pertinent information from various sources
  • Identifying potential strategies
  • Verifying quantitative requirements
  • Providing a summary of the program

Architectural Planning

Our approach to architectural planning is extensive, detailed and client focused, which allows us create the most effective designs for our clients’ projects. In fact, our clients trust our process so much that many of them partner with EIKON time and time again on subsequent projects. Our architectural planning services include:

  • Site feasibility analysis and selection
  • Master planning and urban design
  • Interior space planning
  • Building valuation and analysis
  • Analysis of costs in relation to benefits
  • Computer renderings of architectural plans


A building’s interior says a lot about its potential in terms of possible uses and conceivable look and feel. Interior architecture has the capacity to demonstrate a company’s brand, support an identity and inspire employees. This being the case, a building’s interior space must be set up in a manner that allows its inhabitants to carry out their duties in an efficient and productive manner. At EIKON, we have decades of experience with helping our clients utilize their interior spaces in ways that best suit their needs.

EIKON’s interior architecture services keep your company’s vision, offerings, tastes and brand components in mind. Some of our interior services include:

  • Building selection and evaluation
  • Furniture and equipment layout
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Interior renderings
  • Selection of office accessories
  • Review of interior structural systems
  • Review of building systems
  • Multi-tenant planning
  • Strategic programming


Architectural design extends to a vast array of industries—virtually any industry that employs built structures—so it helps to seek an architectural and design firm that has a track record of successful design in a multitude of areas. At EIKON, our team excels at providing innovative services for all facets of design including:

  • Planning
  • Existing facilities reports
  • Safety and security analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Space planning
  • Schematic designs
  • Graphic renderings of designs
  • Structural models
  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Construction Administration

Construction contract administration refers to a set of specialized services construction administrators and/or owner representatives offer to ensure all facets of the construction process adhere to the designers’ plan as it is laid out in construction documents. The team here at EIKON has profound expertise when it comes to assisting with construction contract admin services and ensuring the construction process goes smoothly. Some of our construction contract administration services include:

  • Being present during construction.
  • Owner representation.
  • Attending meetings to observe the construction progress.
  • Answering questions from contractors and material suppliers and providing appropriate assistance and/or clarification.
  • Reviewing drawings and other construction documents.
  • Reviewing and certifying payment applications.
  • Making clarifications and facilitating necessary changes to construction documents.
  • Assisting advisors with construction admin tasks.
  • Recordkeeping.
  • Project completion responsibilities.