Denton County Courts Building Paver Improvements



Denton County


Denton, Texas

Services Provided:

  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Administration


EIKON assessed the existing courtyard entrance at the Denton County Courts building and provided the County with options for rehabilitating the area. The existing pavers in the courtyard were shifting due to soil movement, causing the accessible pathways from the parking area to the building to be out of compliance. EIKON reviewed the accessible pathways and parking adjacent to the front courtyard to revise each as needed to meet the TAS requirements. Additionally, water was draining toward the front entrances to four drains located near the front of the building. EIKON provided two conceptual layouts for the site and cost opinions for each option.

Option one maintained the existing layout. Denton County selected option two, a new site concept with new landscaping and less paved areas than the current layout. Bench seating and meeting areas were created throughout the courtyard, and the existing star was removed. New site lighting was designed as well.

Construction plans included phasing and staging to allow the front entrance to remain in use throughout the project. EIKON also assisted the County with permitting, bidding, and construction administration.